COVID-19 Protocol for Matco Serivces Air Conditioning

Stay healthy, stay safe. You can help slow the spread of COVID-19 with indoor air quality improvements.

About 90% of our lives are spent indoors whether in our homes or businesses where pollutant levels can be as high as 100 times more than the levels outside. With our attention focused on the spread of COVID-19, we are considering the necessary precautions required to reduce our chances of coming into contact with this virus. By being educated on Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) you can be proactive and help protect yourself from becoming sick.

When it comes to managing IAQ in a home and in a commercial setting, there are many solutions with products such as using higher rated filters with more frequent changes, bringing in more outside fresh air, electronic air cleaners, and ultra-violet sterilization systems. Unwanted pathogens can be spread in the air by the HVAC and duct system. This is because the air in your home or business is contaminated and not because your HVAC system left the factory contaminated.

Besides adding ventilation and controlling humidity, methods are being suggested to help trap and neutralize any virus particles that find a way into your HVAC system. Although some of them may be effective, they are not a substitute for wearing masks, washing hands, and social distancing.

High Efficiency Filters

You may have heard that high efficiency filters such as HEPA filters, can protect you from COVID. Although higher efficiency filter may possibly trap some virus particles, they are not foolproof. This is because coronavirus particles are so small that all the particles may not become trapped by the filters. Another factor is higher efficiency filters can obstruct your system’s airflow, resulting in decreased comfort and higher energy bills. Not all HVAC systems are able to take higher efficiency filters, so it is best to consult with HVAC professionals before deciding to install them.

Air Cleaning Products Using UV Light and Ionization Technology to Neutralize Viruses

To destroy any virus particles within your air distribution system, these devices can be installed within the system. To destroy particles in the air, some products can be installed in a room while others can be installed inside the HVAC system to distribute ‘clean’ air throughout your home or business. Although these options are not foolproof, some have proved effective in reducing the risk of virus transmission.

Scientists believe the primary form of transmission of the Coronavirus is by respiratory droplets, which can travel several feet from anyone who coughs or sneezes. Covering your mouth when you cough or sneeze is the first step towards controlling the spread. However, most of the air in the home and commercial property is circulated through your HVAC system through which residual contaminants can travel, contributing to the spread of an airborne virus.

Your HVAC system should be inspected at least twice a year. Give Matco Services a call at 972-292-1880 to ask about products that can help you breathe cleaner, fresher, healthier air.

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